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Otryt – winter edition

autor Natalia

The 28th Bieszczady CS Meeting in Chata Socjologa

There were quite a lot of meetings in different towns and cities all over the word. Now it is time to meet again far-away from civilization.

In the middle of Bieszczady Mountains, the wildest part of Poland, there is a cosy hut called Chata Socjologa. During the last weekend of February and the last weekend of July some of us are meeting in that magic place. And it is the twenty third time we will be there together. We will sit around the fire place, sing, play guitars, drums, boardgames, eat some grilled delicacy and have a great time. And we will make a pig on fire. Like we did last summer and before. More about the previous meetings in Chata Socjologa you can read at the Chata Socjologa Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups


1. There is a limit of a number of participants
2. The meeting will begin on Thursday, 23 February and will finish on Sunday, 26 February.
3. If you are interested in joining the meeting please send us a message at otryt@kuprzygodzie.pl Then, if there is still enough room, we will confirm your participation. No other way is accepted.
4. In your message please give us the following information:
a) Do you want a shared food (preferred)?
b) Do you want to share a transportation from Warsaw to Bieszczady and return?
5. Applications will be handled on a “First Come – First Served" basis.
6. We will collect a pre-payment for shared food (100 PLN) and a rent bus (150 PLN) in advance, just after sign up.
7. Please sign in to the Facebook event to allow us sending you updates.

What is important in Chata Socjologa:
- there is no electricity, take your own torch (flashlight),
- take a sleeping bag, however there are blankets,
- all the musical instruments are more then welcome (there are guitars there),
- there is 30 PLN fee for accommodation (per night per person) with 5 PLN discount for students under 26 years old,
- there is NOTHING to buy there, however you can use a kitchen,
- the nearest shop is in Lutowiska (on the way to Dwernik).

There are two main ways of feeding:

1) You will bring everything with you and you can use the kitchen (not recommended - the staff preparing shared food always has priority!)

2) We will organize food for all of us - STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! And it works!

We will buy all the food for us. Some "porters' support" will be needed on Thursday or Friday in the morning.

Our feeding proposal covers entire stay in the Hut (Friday morning till Sunday afternoon) and includes home made pierogi, spaghetti, grochówka, sandwiches (kanapki), toasts, a big piece of ham on a fire and much more.
It should cost about 100 PLN per person.

Under your own steam:
- some sausages for a fire place,
- beer,
- anything stronger then beer for drinking ;-))


We will also organize the transportation (rent bus) from Warsaw (on Thursday) to Dwernik and back (on Sunday). The bus usually costs between 140 and 190 PLN, depending on a number of passangers. Just let us know if you are interested in it.

For more details please visit www.otryt.bieszczady.pl or text Marcin at +48 602 486 244 or Natalia at +48 784 810 825.
All e-mails are welcome as well at otryt@kuprzygodzie.pl

Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/

Hope to see you there 😉

W Wasze ręce perswadujemy -
Natalia i Marcin